Everything is data

It’s easy to think 

That the only useful parts 

Of our story 

Are the victories;

The well implemented model

The picture perfect event

The thriving relationship. 

These are the parts we are 

Most inclined to share with others-

Our journey of overcoming. 

But human life is littered with setbacks,

Our good days are punctuated with bad ones

And many of us have no fairytale ending 

To speak of.

So what then? 

Do we hide the inconvenient parts of us? 

Wish them away like bad weather?

Everything is data.

The brightest morning 

And the darkest night. 

Perfectionist narratives 

Are inadequate and incomplete

And while it may seem foolish at the time

To let others in on our mess,

Our real life stories 

Of disasters and delight 

Are the ones most likely to 

Be of value to others. 


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