‘It’s complicated’

Complication is an easy place to hide.
Its tempting to sit on the fence
When there aren’t any neon lights
Flashing the obvious answer.
Waiting for feelings of certainty
Before making a move,
Shooting down ideas
Because of their infancy,
Sighing because reality
Is real.
Being undecided
Doesn’t stem from muddy circumstances
As much as it does from cloudy perspectives:
Unrealistic expectations,
Excessive self-criticism,
The need to be in control at all times.
Life moves at the speed of our willingness
To take the next step
Even when everything isn’t
And in an imperfect world
With few clear paths and many pitfalls,
Complexity is best decoded
By walking right inside of it
And not by longing
For simpler days.

The number of things you don’t know will always outnumber the things you do know. So take the next step with what you know.


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