Rooting for you

I wish you well.
Not a superficial wish
That you might have
A storm free life
But a soul-deep wholeness
That stubbornly holds true in times
Of affliction.
And yes, you are afflicted,
Your body has betrayed you
Your mind is frazzled
Your spirit forlorn-
You’ve taken a beating
And its okay to say so.
I am rooting for you,
That you find a place
To lay your burdens,
And find salve for your wounds,
Fresh wind in your sails.
I pray that you encounter freedom,
Even joy,
And that you find
The hill you are climbing
To not be insurmountable.
I wish you well, friend.
May your mind, body and spirit
Find the nourishment they need
To keep you on the journey.

Hang in there.


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