Dinner Table

We become fuller versions
Of ourselves
Through the people we choose to
Eat with,
We share fresh familiar meals
That all at once bring back old memories
And usher in a warm sense
Of future possibility.
Fathers and mothers
Break bread at the table,
Feeding the children
With food and wisdom
In equal measure.
Mama brings out the cake-
The icing is as thick
As the love she smothers us with.
The old man leans back in his chair,
Glass in hand,
With a peculiar confidence-
His posture alone
Tells a tale about the
Hard learned lessons of life.
And we the children
Empty our plates
But fill our minds
As we watch firsthand
What it means to be human.
Community happens at the dinner table-
Where we learn to give and receive,
To say please and thank you
To pray
To tell a a good story
To let another speak
To make our point clear
To hear a different point of view
To fall in love with the feeling
Of a full belly
And an even fuller heart.


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