The pressure of pioneering

Change is undemocratic.

It is a double edged sword 

That cuts even those 

That call for it.

Even when you see it coming 

It can still be quite unsettling. 


Those who are 

Agents of change  

Are deeply privileged to exist in these spaces,

To have the means and the time to

Figure out their own thought leadership;

Stilling the urge to rush to solutions,

Reaching a place of soft confidence,

Open to self evolution.

The pressure of pioneering 

Is that while you are on the way 

To making change happen

Change is coming for you-

A mountain in your view

And a canyon in your heart,

Your mind scrambling for a map

But your feet are already on the path,

Not being quite sure 

Where the journey will lead.

And yet despite the complexity

The guidance remains maddeningly simple

And yet intuitively sound-

Trust the process,

You have everything you need. 


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