Freirean Physics

The task of humanising the world
Is uncomfortable.
Unsettling by nature
Disruptive by design.
Freirean physics 
Is counterintuitive. 
It is the science of innovation
That recognises that to truly change
The order of things 
We must first be changed ourselves,
Interrogating our own hearts 
Upending our own way of being human,
Finding kinship with our enemy.
It turns out that 
The true tools of freedom
Are actually found with the disenfranchised 
Who have found the path to liberation.  
It is these free agents 
Who though were once themselves oppressed,
Now have the means of restoring the
Dignity of humanity 
Not just to themselves 
But also to their oppressors.

Who are better prepared than the oppressed to understand the terrible significance of an oppressive society? Who suffer the effects of oppression more than the oppressed? Who can better understand the necessity of liberation? They will not gain this liberation by chance but through the praxis of their quest for it, through their recognition of the necessity to fight for it. And this fight, because of the purpose given it by the oppressed, will actually constitute an act of love opposing the lovelessness which lies at the heart of the oppressors violence, lovelessness even when clothed in false generosity.

-Paulo Freire , Pedagogy of the oppressed.


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