There is nothing sophisticated
About expecting little from Africans.
Nothing particularly imaginative
About reinforcing the worst stereotypes
It is great folly to imagine you’re getting any larger
When you’re really just making others smaller.
Is the phenomenon of associating blackness
With inherent inferiority,
Almost gleefully grasping at the tiniest
Bits of evidence to support
A damning story line.
Such defamation can be perpetrated
By anyone
Including Africans themselves-
Indeed there are few other groups
As willing to accept pessimistic narratives
About themselves
As black people.
Its as though we’ve decided
That we can berate ourselves into greatness,
Put ourselves down
In order to raise ourselves up-
Scolding ourselves straight.
Perhaps if we put the stick down
We might find
That we’re not as destined for disaster
As advertised.


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