Expecting Miracles

In a world of ultra convenience
We seem to have acquired
A strange new strand of impatience,
Getting mad
When things that were once
Inconceivable for human beings
Don’t happen for us
On demand.
These devices in our pockets
Bring us promises
Of the truly miraculous
Every morning:
Access to ‘private’ conversations around the globe,
Endless streams of knowledge
Seemingly bottomless pools of possibility-
Until our geographical reality
Slaps us in the face
In the mundane, unpredictable way
That only day to day
Non-virtual life can.
At this stage in human development
We cannot live our lives
Entitely online,
We are bound to real human bodies
In real human communities
With real human limitations-
We are not avatars.
We are not God.
Real life, by nature,
Doesn’t conform itself
Fully to our will
At the tap of a finger
And we ought not to kid ourselves
Into thinking
That our technology
Has changed that.


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