The Applicant’s Prayer

Dear LORD,

I never want to forget 

That you are all-satisfying 

And that You have my best interests

At heart 

Infinitely more than I do.

I’ve made an application 

Hedged my bets

Taken a leap of faith 

And now I find myself in limbo



Day dreaming about how life would be 

With a positive outcome

But when I sleep I am haunted by those

Dreaded words- 

“We regret to inform you..”

Rather inform my heart, O God, of a 

Greater reality than admissions letters

And offers from Human Resources –

That Your plans 

Are better than mine,

That if I succeed 

My mind would not get impaled 

By a rod of pride,

And if I am not selected 

May this tender heart of mine 

Be secure enough to tremble yet not

Be shattered.

Ground this mind and 

Steady this heart 

To trust you

No matter the outcome.

In Jesus’ Name 



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