On ‘selling yourself’

That we use such language
To describe self expression,
As though ‘being’ human
Isn’t quite enough
And that we have to commodify ourselves
To get ahead.
I mean, the idea
Of selling human flesh
Has become decidedly repulsive
To most modern humans,
Except, of course,
In the case of us
Selling ourselves-
Positioning our bodies,
Impeccably pouting
And competitively posing before
The ever watchful lens
Of the onlooking world,
Casting our complicated selves
Into a two dimensional application-
That of the hopeful applicant and the powerful gatekeeper;
Performing like a circus monkey
To whatever the rhythm of the day is
In the hopes
That someone
Might choose us,
Notice us
Welcome us into some hallowed hall
And give us a chance
To prove our very existence.
But who am I kidding?
Our generation knows
No other way.


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