A warm embrace.

A reminder that you matter.

A demonstration that I care.

Kindness is the unrequested gift 

That our hearts madly crave-

You are not obliged to offer it,

But I am sure glad you do.

Sometimes all that I need

Is a hug,

Grinding all day in search of 

A word of affirmation.

A ‘thank you’

Something spontaneous 

Something warm

Something to prove 

The self-loathing wrong.

More than neediness

Or pining away for approval,

Abrazos are corridors 

Between our hearts –

Great leaps of faith 

Across the chasms 

That divide us.

Love is a powerful thing

And kindness is a life changing drug-

It’s remarkable what can happen 

When a human heart 

Knows this well. 


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