Pondering Lightly

Our obsessions are like feet-
They leave a mark,
A mark on the sands of our minds,
Keeping certain experiences
Indelibly clear
And others fleetingly brief.
What we ponder on deepens-
Think long and hard enough
About how much you are owed
What you are entitled to
And aren’t receiving
And soon enough
You’ll be a victim.
Stand on the shores of possibility
Looking for a glorious ship
On the horizon
And you’ll be the first
To see it when it comes.
So think long and hard
About the gifts you have to give,
The love you have to share
And you’ll find that disaster
Isn’t quite as all consuming,
But when it comes to personal injustices,
And the things we feel
Life is witholding from us-
Ponder lightly
For the downward spiral
Is not a path you want
Set in stone.


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