Small steps are blessed

There’s a reason why
Life is lived
In days and
Not years
Why victory
Often comes slowly
And why most of us aren’t born
With teeth and facial hair.
Life refuses to be rushed,
To giddy up
To the gallop of our ambition
No matter how noble or urgent
Our cause may be.
Small steps are blessed
Because unlike
Large, occasional leaps,
Small daily exploits
Are always within reach
And we are much more likely
To pull them off
In the face of great
Audacious goals
It can be quite frustrating
To only be able
To take one step at a time.
Indeed while our hearts
Always seem packed and ready
To fly off into the sunsets of our dreams
Our feet are confined
To the daily grind
Of space and time:
Only so much can be done
In a day-
Happy is the person
Who can live with that.


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