Resources for love

There are infinite resources

For love

In Christ.

Everything we ever needed

Everything we ever hope for.

He is not our role model

Or just somebody to show the way

But He is The Great Lover of our souls

Our Kinsman Redeemer,

Making heirs out of orphans

Forming sons out of enemies

Piercing human divisions

Uniting disparate hearts.

He has done so much more than teach me love,

I have come to need it


To lay my head on his breast

To wipe my tears on His sleeve

To have my heart steadied by His Words-

He opened His own veins for me

He impoverished Himself

To make me rich,

Denied Himself

That I might be approved,

Humbled Himself

To elevate me from my lowly state,


So that this peculiar, paradoxical,

Beauty-filled life

That I now live

Might be made possible.

There are no greater resources for love

Than His-

No perfect set of circumstances

Can match it,

No meticulously executed plan

Can secure it as surely

No flash of human spontaneity

Can equal its freshness.

There are no greater means for love

No deeper well to draw from

Or better event to respond to

Than the love poured out

By Christ.


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