Systems Failure

The trouble with boiling all our troubles

Down to personal responsibility

Is that sometimes

Our best intentions just aren’t enough.


The odds are too unbalanced

The winds of adversity

At gale force.

For those of us who grew up

Under the shadows of failed leadership

It was often pressed upon us

To not complain

But rather look within

When things go wrong

And to never lend serious thought

To doing something about the fact that

The game has been rigged

Our tyres have been slashed

Our inheritance squandered.

They’ve told young people

To basically suck it up,

Forcing them to only rise

By means of rebellion-

Instead of standing on the shoulders

Of our leaders

We battle them.

Or alternatively,

This call to self-preservation

In the face of disaster

Is actually a recipe for our resignation

In the middle of what is meant to be

Our heydays,

Where we’re supposed to be

Giving our best strength

To causes bigger than ourselves.

Maybe we aren’t lazy.


Given to smallness.

Maybe we are decent people

Who have found ourselves

At the mercy of tyrants

And failed systems.

Self help only goes

So far.

Fix the system.


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