The new workaholic

May be harder to spot
Because she’s working from home.
She doesn’t wear office slacks as much
And her bed is closer
Than it’s ever been,
Yet don’t be surprised
If somehow, sleep still escapes her
Because of work.
She may be spending less time
At the office
Which theoretically frees us up the time
She would have spent commuting,
But she’s been in virtual meetings
All day (and night)
And her phone and laptop
Never seem to stop tugging
At the sleeve of her mind
As tasks pile on tasks
And yesterday’s emails
Fester in her inbox
Demanding to be read.
And replied to.
Checking out is hard.
Home and work –
The line between them
Has obscured from view.
Bringing the work place
Into our homes
Has been easy enough,
But keeping work in its place
Is another matter altogether.


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