Moments of Realization

I met an old lady today
Who I’d helped many months ago,
I’d forgotten her name
And how I’d helped her
Yet unknown to us both,
The morning we’d met
Was a moment of realization.
You see, she’d been in pain
And had no idea
If she’d ever feel like herself
So she’d come to the hospital
With high hopes
And low expectations
And was a little disappointed
To find that a skinny young man
Would be her doctor.
That morning was the
Beginning of her path towards
When she realized that
A less painful version of her life
Where simply sleeping through the night
Was not a rare occurence
Or standing over a hot stove
Making a meal for her family
Would not require so much
Gritting of teeth,
That feeling better
Was not just wishful thinking.
And looking back now
At the events of that day,
It was perhaps the beginning
Of my realization
That I’d learned to be a clinician,
To take the lessons that I’d learned
And use them beyond the classroom,
That despite my stumbling
I’d finally found my feet
That maybe, after all,
I really could help
People in pain.


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