New paths. Old Roads.

Pre-pandemic life is gone.
Those of us who make it through
Will always know the difference,
Reminisce about the things we used to take for granted,
How the bar for disaster
Has been raised for all of us
And about how fragile
Our way of life really is.
For many,
Life feels more unpredictable
Than ever before,
Less secure
More vulnerable to catastrophe.
Yet we are still here
With lives to live.
Therefore we must adapt
As humans have always done,
Following in the footsteps
Of our forefathers
Who survived wars, famines
And pestilence,
Economic meltdowns
And social unrest alike.
We are in unprecedented times
And yet there is nothing new under the sun.
Though we are still grappling with many unforeseen
Repurcussions of the pandemic
And will continue to do so for some time-
We have survived with hard times before,
Chartering new paths
On old roads.


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