The Claims of God

There is One who

Claims to have simply spoken

All of existence

Into existence.

Who asks you

To trust Him with your very life,


Who claims to be the One that keeps your

Heart beating

And neurones firing

And mitochondria cycling ATP.

The One who says ‘Trust Me’

With your future happiness

With your choices

And with the things beyond your control,

With every opportunity

And every setback,

Also claims to have told

The Sun to rise this morning

And keeps the planets in their orbit.

The One who claims to know every star

By name

Also claims to know the number of hairs

On every one of our heads.

His claims are bold, audacious

And other-worldly

And it is hard to imagine

Such power and gentleness combined.

The claims of God

Are not quaint

And they are not easily dismissed-

They are either the most persistent lie

Men have ever told

Or the deepest truth we fight so hard

To ignore.


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