The world we contend for

There will always be ill fortune.

Decent people caught in indecent times

Adrift on the sea with no wind in their sails

Disaster will always find someone to visit.

As long as there is a human race

Selfishness will also persist

There will always be fantastic flaws in human nature

We always seem to find a way to screw things up.

So for those that care enough to make things better,

We have our work cut for us.

We are are contending for a world

Beyond mediocrity

Beyond lip service to our ideals

Beyond pendulum swings from the far-right to the far-left

Beyond “each man for himself”

Where the walls aren’t so high

And the valleys aren’t so deep,

Where our economies aren’t running ahead

For the greatest good of a few

And leaving so many behind.

We hope that generations to come

Will have better sets of problems

And that our appetite for division

Would have greatly abated.

There will always be forces within us to resist

And forces outside of us to grapple with,

May we never lose our patience

To wade through our despair

Or the strength to rise again

After we’ve fallen.


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