The only perfect thing about the church

Is the God we worship.
The congregation is full of stumbling people
Led by flawed leaders,
Singing finite songs
In our attempts to glorify an infinite God.
Reaching up to take a hold of Glory
Only to find that Glory has come down
In search of us.
If you have brushed up against the church’s
Know that you’re not alone,
As with anything humans are involved in:
There will be drama.
But the one thing that makes it all worth it,
That draws us in week after week
Through offense and misunderstanding,
Year after year
As life waxes and wanes,
One generation after another
As the zeitgeist of society evolves-
What makes the church worth it
Is knowing that there amongst the beauty and the chaos
Stands the only One capable of perfection,
Wonderful Counselor
Prince of Peace
Lion of Judah
Spotless Lamb of God.

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go into the house of the Lord.”
Psalm 122:1


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