Staying in your lane

Doesn’t have to be a put down

Or a sign that you don’t belong

That you cannot do great things

That your story cannot change.

It can also mean knowing yourself

Well enough to actively choose your own path

And trusting yourself enough

To persevere when things don’t seem too promising.

Your lane is yours for a reason

And you have tailor made obstacles to overcome

Unique fires to extinguish

And specific resistance to push up against.

Staying in your lane also means

Celebrating milestones that few will comprehend fully

And savouring the hard earned fruits of your labor.

Your lane is where your greatness is forged

Where you learn to not crave approval

Nor seek happiness in flimsy places.

Your lane,

Far from being a place to be relegated,

Is a spot on earth to call your own

And no amount of comparison will change that.


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