Performing arts

It starts with a heightened awareness
Of your flaws.
Your difference
How no one seems to share your point of view
How being transparent seems to not work in your favor,
And so you turn inwards for answers,
Manufacturing within yourself things
You think others would prefer to see about you,
And then choose put that on display.
And at first you put on quite the show
You even join them in watching yourself perform,
You surprise yourself at
How good you are at hiding
How you can be saying so much
Yet giving so little of who you really are
The tragedy is that in your quest to
Fit in
You are never vulnerable enough to be truly known
And you may end up believing your own hype and lose yourself.
Sooner or later the show will have to
Come to an end.
Insecurities have thrust many of us
Into the performing arts,
Where every interaction
Is a chance to prove a point.
Blessed are those who have dropped out
From the academy of of the double minded,
For they know what it is to belong to a community
Without it costing it them their honesty.
O, to be at peace with others
From being at peace with ouselves.


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