Craving for ‘more’

Having a mouth full of food
And yet craving for more
Is not only gluttony
But a failure to appreciate the goodness that is available to you.
The children of Israel were living through
The greatest miracle of their lives:
The very Creator of the Universe
Was walking with them
Plundering their enemies
Parting seas on their behalf
And feeding them the very bread of heaven
Cloud cover to keep them cool in the day
Columns of fire with which to see at night.
And yet, true to human nature
The truly remarkable meal of life
Laid before us
Regardless of how well seasoned
Invariably begins to taste bland.
Somehow we can find ourselves disdaining
The very things we once prayed for
Overlooking the miracle of daily life
Allowing the pressing problems of that day
To blot out the sun.
With our mouths full with the goodness of God
We find ourselves time and again
Craving for ‘more’.


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