Staying in the game

Today marks 8 years since this blog began.

Not every blog post
Is going to be a hit.
Not every week is going to be a game changer
Not every patient is going to recover.
Not every person you pitch your project to is going to “get it”
Some days you’re going to call in sick
When really your body is fine
But your soul is in the pits.
Days when you may give in to your impluse to self-sabotage
Moments when you don’t recognize yourself
Saying things you’ll later regret.
There may be opportunities you’ll lose
Relationships that will suffer neglect
All details you wish you could delete –
But you can’t.
Its part of your story.
And often the temptation is to disqualify yourself outright
Because you have fallen short.
Simon Sinek speaks of an Infinte Game,
Where the goal isn’t winning but rather
Staying in the game
As long as possible.
In the end, relentlessly showing up
With genorosity
Will mean a lot more
Than never getting things wrong.
Stay in the game.


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