Really is more sometimes.
Not everything we want is good for us
And there’s nothing worse than more of a bad thing.
Not everything needs to be upgraded
Or bought in bulk-
Sometimes having too much food on your plate
Works against your ability to enjoy the meal altogether.
For those of us who have known what it is
To go without
Its easy to imagine that simply having more
Is the answer to what truly ailed us all along-
Its not.
Wanting more is a self-propelling machine
With the potential of steam rolling over
The very things we said we wanted.
Dissatisfaction for many of us
Does not stem from having less than we need
As much as it does from not having more than we do.
Less really can be more,
Less clutter
Less excess
Less window shopping
Can lead to
More time to savor
More room to ponder
More capacity to actually enjoy
That which life brings our way.


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