They forgot the bread

The disciples had forgotten to bring bread, except for one loaf they had with them in the boat.

Mark 8:14

His disciples hadn’t done their homework

They regularly failed to anticipate group meal times

And often found themselves unprepared for the day’s events.

Maybe travelling with Jesus was a whirlwind of activity,

Never really quite knowing what might happen next.

Ironically the much awaited Messiah

Often walked in a way that few could anticipate.

Indeed Jesus’ agenda was paradoxical

Harnessing His power in order to lose it

Living a perfect life in order to bear punishment on behalf of others

Enriching others by plunging Himself into poverty

And preparing precious gifts for those who deserved them the least.

Jesus is not just for the organized

The well put together

The co-ordinated

The ones who have things figured out,

Rather He plunged into human chaos

And descended into the realest darkness.

True to His paradox,

The path of death He travelled down

Was the clearest path to human flourishing.

Regardless of how organized we become

Death will still come for us all

Similarly, the work of God is not hindered

By our disorder

Indeed, our weakness only enables His strength

Our disaster an opportunity for His



One thought on “They forgot the bread

  1. Amen. Very true often we feel weak and disqualified. Especially when we compare ourselves to others. Yet Jesus came especially for us.

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