Pressure to ‘get it right’

If by ‘getting it right’
You mean creating something that cannot be improved
Or controlling events outside your current jurisdiction
Or doing work that attracts no criticism
Then the pressure is unwarranted.
What good is ‘getting it right’
If you are not able to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor?
There is an eye that is almost always dissatisfied
A thirst for approval that never seems to be quenched,
An insatiable need for perfection
That is largely unattainable.
While excellence should be pursued
It need not be done at the expense of our mental health.
Our work needn’t be our identity.
Anxiety is insidious
And makes even good things
Taste bitter.
Controlling every outcome shouldn’t be part of your
To-do list,
It is a futile task.
Happy are the ones who find contentment
In simply putting in the work


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