The faces we see on a daily basis,

Familiar though we don’t really know their stories.

The faces in frames on our living room wall,

We may not see them daily but their stories are embedded in our own.

The contacts on our phone

Scrolling past people we once spent many hours with

While other phone numbers seem impossible to forget.

The people we were in the same class with

The kids we loved to gossip about

The cleaning lady who works at the same building

The ones who voted differently from us

The ones we partnered with to make magic happen

The ones we can’t stand.

These are our contemporaries

The ones we found along our path,

Some encounters were fleeting (thank God)

While others will last a lifetime (thank God).

Ultimately, regardless of the depth of the relationship

It is these people, who were alive at the same time as us

That we are fighting for.

In the quest for a better world

It is important to remember that our destinies are intertwined

And that dehumanising the ones we disagree with

Or failing to hold accountable the ones we are in step with

Only weakens the fabric of the society

We all inhabit.

Our contemporaries are the ones that interact first with our raw ideas

The ones who will consume our products

Who will suffer from our greed and cowardice

And benefit from our generosity.

We are each others’ litmus test for progress.

We love to speak of the future impact of our work

And how we are building a world for our children,

But ultimately it is our contemporaries –

Our fellow citizens of today’s world

Who will experience the reality of what we are becoming

In real time.

Fight for them too.


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