Where can contentment be found?

In the arms of a lover?

At the helm of a thriving empire?

In the laughter around a dinner table?

In the remission of cancer?

In the belly of a well fed child?

In the deep pockets of the rich?

In the sound of your favorite song?

In the resounding applause of an audience?

Consider Adam and Eve.

They somehow found discontent

In a world that was more perfect than ours will ever be –

Even with no extenuating circumstance,

Or childhood trauma to compensate for

Discontent found its way into the first human hearts.


Is not just a by-product of happy circumstances

But a posture of the heart,

A choice that can be made along the journey,

Something to be contended for-

Pursued even.

Contentment is not passive

It is not settling,

Or quenching of ambition.

Rather it is a deep belief in your story,

A confidence that in the end things will work out

As they should

And an acknowledgment of our lack of omnipotence.

This is our lot in life;

Sweet drinks mixed with bitter herbs

Weddings and funerals

Great gains and crushing losses,

The joys and horrors intertwined.

Happy are the ones who find their rest.


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