When to stop playing

During a rehearsal
Mistakes are expected.
Vocalists are looking for a key that works for them and the song,
The drummer is trying to land tricky rolls
The guitarists always seem to be tuning.
Finding cohesion between all the moving parts
Often takes a few rounds.
So when mistakes and unplanned things inevitably happen at rehearsal
There are a few choices –
To stop every time something is not quite right
Or maybe just keep playing and come back round
To the parts the band seems to be struggling with;
Wise are the ones who know when to keep playing.
There’s a difference between working hard
To get things right
And a perfectionism that is ironically intolerant
Of the messy process of doing something worthwhile.
Stopping the flow of music every time
Something goes wrong
May just be working against the momentum
You need to work through the hiccups you face.
Far from advocating negligence or mediocrity,
The repeated choice of letting the band play
In face of the unexpected and unplanned
Can build a kind of confidence that
Prevents every little rock along the path
From becoming a stumbling block.


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