On being sure that nothing will change

There are things to be certain of in life:

Your identity

What you want to do with your time

Why you are doing it

And knowing which people who have your best interests at heart.

But being sure that nothing will change?

That in the end all our efforts won’t matter?

That you will always feel the way you do?

That the tables will never turn?

That our fortunes will never improve?

That you will never learn to maintain meaningful relationships?

Or ever come to deeply understand things that currently frustrate and intimidate you?

That’s an exaggeration at best

But is more likely a self fulfilling prophecy.

A person with poor eyesight

Probably won’t clearer vision by gouging their eyes out;

And so it turns out that the people who can see the possibility of something better ahead

Are the ones most likely to live in it.

There is nothing profound about being a cynic

About being able to dwell on why things won’t work out-

And it’s not something you can (or should) be absolutely sure of.

Cynicism may protect your heart from disappointment

But it also sets you up to diminish the good things

When they come.

Hope matters –

Don’t stifle it.


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