The trouble with validation

Is how passive it is.
How easily it allows you to ignore the green lights
Your Creator already gave you.
How at the core of it, its a lack of belief
That you are here for a reason.
For some of us, it means giving someone
Who can’t even spell your name
The right to tell you who you are.
Awaiting validation is ill-fitting for hope,
Too short sighted for grand visions,
And gives too much power to individuals
With a lot of other things on their mind.
If breathing had to be approved of by others
Many would have died of asphyxiation long ago –
And yet our contributions and ideas die quietly within us hourly,
Waiting for someone we admire to give us a nod.
Better to just decide-
If what you have to contribute matters at all,
It is too important to only do it at the whim of others.

Validation is for parking
~Austin Kleon, Steal like an artist


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