Life is hard and God is good

How can God be good if life is hard?
Surely He would have made the path lighter?
Easier to traverse?
Surely he would not have let millions die
Or allow us to suffer?
Surely the innocent would not have been falsely convicted
And the powerful let off the hook?
Surely He would have kept our loved ones alive
Or let us go to the school of our dreams?
If He was so good He would not any of us slip into a depression
Or fall into pits from which we cannot rise?
Surely if He was good -life would not be hard?

If He were not good, would there be life at all?
Would there be a breath to take in
Or a mind with which to ponder these things?
Would we have ever had in the first place
The very things that we have now lost?
How would we even have an idea of how life ought to be
If He were not good?
Would the Sun have risen today?
Would your heart have beat at all?
If He were not good,
Would the sky not have fallen our heads
Or the planet spun out of orbit?
A thousand years from now, nothing that most of us
Will have done or said will be remembered
Nor considered,
So if He were not good
Would there be any reason to be here at all?

There are no easy answers.
However, we can say,
Life is hard and God is good.


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