On choosing to write every day

The possibilities of what you can achieve over a lifetime
Are endless.
On the surface this is liberating, but this is also
With so many possible outcomes
It is impossible to know whether the path you chose not to take
Will be better than the one you did.
And so its tempting to sit with possibility in your lap
And hope for a flashing neon sign
Pointing you toward the best path.
But there is no sign.
No guarantee that your choice was the best one
You could have made.
What we have is the choices itself.
Many of us have a sense of our own literary possibility;
We can perceive that we have a book or two in us
Waiting to be written,
A grand story to document
A narrative to present
A rabbit hole to lead us all into.
Yet we often wait for a neon sign.
A nod from someone we admire,
A fully formed idea
A time when life isn’t so ‘hectic’-
All the while we fail to flex our muscle to write
Nor develop the confidence in our own voice,
Making it less and less likely that we will ever embark
On any possible path.
Choosing to write every day
May not guarantee you a New York Times Bestseller
But it will make you a writer,
Which is a far, far better outcome
Than merely hoping you would become one.


One thought on “On choosing to write every day

  1. That sounds so familiar, so true. That’s me, right there, lost in the possibilities and the capacities that I have or could have. I don’t wait for a sign, not anymore, but I see people around me, waiting for this pandemic to be over, waiting for the rain to stop, for the day to be less grey and their ankle to be less sore. I was there, but not anymore.
    Thank you for you for your words.

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