Pandemic Fatigue

Healing and patience are lovers – Alessia Cara

What does it mean to give yourself time?
To give your heart space to adapt?

The thing about being hard on yourself is that you are always there to beat yourself some more. To still pull yourself in the wrong direction again and again.

Everyone has their anxieties
Their fair share of doubts and fears
That threaten to incapacitate them at any moment
It’s too easy to pin all that is going wrong in your world on one person:
The word “unprecedented” tells us a lot about the times we are living in
It means it’s everybody’s first time
Dealing with a pandemic.
In this part of the world,
It is almost 12 months since our initial lockdown
And still so much is still upside down.
Locked down.

We did not know this would be the marathon that it is
Pace yourself,
You have a ways to go.


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