Is dangerous

It uncovers things we were happier

To leave unseen


It leaves nowhere to hide

No more corners to play the victim

No more darkness to retreat into

It kills the need for further explanation

The facts speak for themselves

It grinds over-explanation to a halt

Incessant apologies finally no longer need to be uttered

It removes the blinds

So that those accustomed to the darkness

Must now reckon with the light

That light shines indiscriminately

Revealing our vices and our victories,

Exposing motives and inclinations worthy of damnation

Intertwined with beautiful inner realities that, like the Sun

Are too marvellous to behold with the naked eye

Oh to tell the truth

The whole truth

Is a wonderfully terrifying thing


Naked and bare is how they’ll find us now

O, the vulnerability

O, the freedom.


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