Brave Faces vs. Brave Hearts

Brave faces are what we put on when everything isn’t okay at home.
A show of strength
The forced smile in public places.
The half-hearted appearance at gatherings like a mindless roll call.
A lot of the fodder on our newsfeeds are brave faces
The pleasant but joyless phone call.
Putting on a brave face is not bravery at all
Its going through the motions for a lack of will
Or a lack of courage to speak the truth.

Brave hearts are messy.
They are the architects of awkward moments
And uncomfortable questions.
Often uncovering weaknesses in order to bolster them.
They already know they aren’t popular
So they say what needs to be said,
In order to create true harmony
And not merely the appearance of it.
Brave hearts are not indestructible
On the contrary they are always being broken,
Because caring enough to truly make things right
Is risky business.


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