Walk with me

Side by side.
Accompany me.
I fear that in your haste for progress
You might try to pull me from the front
And lose sight of me
And I will resent you for it.
Or maybe you’ll try to push me from behind
Only to be surprised at how much I stumble,
And despise me for being so slow.
So if you really want to help
And you care about me as much
As you tell people you do;
Stop trying to do the work
My legs, and my legs alone, must do.
You can hold my hand
But let me own my stride.
After all, I am a man like you,
I ,too, aspire to walk the earth freely,
Doing what I was put here to do.
I desire neither a stick
Nor a carrot
But a companion on this journey.
Walk with me.


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