Happiness is…

Being at home with a person you care about.

Being told “Yes” when it really matters.

Being glad that you said “Yes”.

Finding money in a random pocket.

Giving money away.

When you work things out with your person after a fight.

Receiving a genuine apology.

That light unforced touch that says “You matter”.

Sharing a secret joke with your close friend in public.

Finding peace after loss.

Realising you don’t need all the extra stuff.

Outgrowing past offences.

Laughing with the ones you love.

Not being hard on yourself.

Having a shoulder to cry on.

Being a shoulder to cry on.

Having a boss who sees you.

Being a boss who serves well.

Realising you can trust someone else.

Being trusted.

Finding yourself.

Finding community.

Finding God

And being found by Him.


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