Thank you

Thank you Father
That I do not need to live in comparison
To others.
What they drive
How much they make
How they look.
What they get to do all day.
Help me, Father to rather live in gratitude.
For the millions of gifts you give
That I can never repay.
You have brought me to this place for a reason
And that reason does not involve abandonment.
All too often I cast longing glances on the good things of others
And ask for something similar to what they have
Or maybe even better,
Yet the best and the brightest has already been given to me:
Your friendship, and knowing that
One as wonderful as You truly has my back.
In You, there is security like no other.
A wholeness that cannot be matched.
A treasure that will never be depleted
A hope that cannot be impoverished.
Come what may today
Your goodness towards me, O God
Far outweighs it all.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life
-Psalm 23:6


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