From a distance

She wasn’t “his type”
And neither was he hers.
And yet they found something truly wonderful
That has bloomed in ways they never could have considered.
Love, it turns out, saw something they hadn’t.

She was sure that the people of her new church
Were really not her people.
She was sure they would never know her well.
And yet she found herself surrounded by eyes that could really see.
See her.
Hearts that could really feel.
Feel her.
Now she calls them family.

He was sure he had found his best friend
A ride or die kind of kinship.
Yet slowly the milk of friendship soured.
He was always caught off guard somehow
When he saw how humans
Were not always who he hoped they would be.
He would fall in love with the idea of who a person was
And then often come to find reality
Quite disappointing.

People, it turns out,
Are rarely known from a distance.


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