Beauty of the earth

Have you ever noticed how the beautiful things

Of earth seem to be saying something?

The darting of a swallow

The bashful color of a sunset

The jaw dropping sights of the oceans

The flourishing of a human life.

The wonder of life itself.

As we journey through our days on earth

we come in contact with this beauty;

A beauty that was here before us

And, God-willing, will survive us.

How foolish we are to imagine ourselves entitled

to wonders we stumbled across.

Surely the beauty of the earth

Is like a conversation,

But not one that is directed toward us,

Rather towards Another.

Perhaps the beauty we inhabit

Was made for and by this Other

And we enjoy it temporarily,

As tenants enjoy the comforts

Afforded by a landlord.

There are millions of beautiful things in this life

That no human eye will ever see

Many wonders within our very bodies

That continue day after day

With a wonderful harmony that most people

Simply take for granted.

The beauty speaks a language

We seem to only understand temporarily.

Indeed it is a conversation

between the created thing and its Creator

A conversation,

we have only overheard.


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