COVID Christmas

The pandemic isn’t over.
Far from it.
Some of us didn’t make it.
Some of us are stuck in foreign places
Sterilized rooms
Abusive houses.
Some of us can’t be with the ones we love.
Some of us are sitting alone
In silence. In darkness.
Christmas has always been rough for many-
A reminder of what could have been,
But isn’t.
Is not only for the merry;
The one’s with picture perfect season’s greetings
And wonderful plans for the day.
It is also for the broken
For the bewildered
The lonely.
For those who could not find room in the inn
For the ones who cannot afford the day off.
And it is not for them out of pity
But perhaps Christmas has always been for the broken:
For Christ did not come
To favor the strong
And rub salt in our wounds.
He came to strengthen the weak
And heal the wounded.
Christmas is about far more than revelry
And its significance outweighs the cynicism
Many of us have grown towards it-
Especially in 2020.
If the story is true
And God indeed came as an infant,
Not to a palace, but to a manger,
Then we can know
That He would not overlook
The ones who have no merriment.


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