Social Window

There are those days
When some of us find ourselves
Intensely eyeballing the screens in our hands
To peer at the work of others,
With an eye of comparison.
Feeding insecurity
With every swipe up.
Was contentment always this hard?
Doing the work has never been easy
And on those days its harder when we see
How well we could be doing.
The feeling grows even though we know
It undermines our chance at ever getting good
At what we do.
This incredible social window
Allows us to see the world in ways we never could
And for the world to see us in real time,
No matter where we are.
But it’s a window,
There is no buffer for our hearts:
Some days we find inspiration and community
Other days, uncover good reasons why we don’t belong.
This window is simultaneously
An expanding universe for our stars to shine in,
And a black hole of our insecurity
Where we can lose our space ships.

Some days I keep the window shut.


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