Inviting Opposition

Perhaps the scariest thing about doing creative work
Is that its an invitation to opposition.
To criticism.
Not just external,
But in your own head.
That critical voice is silent when you are bored,
It says nothing when you can play out in your mind
Exactly how the meeting is going to go.
No one bothers the guy who keeps his head down.
The one who does as he is told.
There is little resistance in the middle of the pack.

But then there is that other stuff,
The stuff that no one asked you to do.
The idea you decided to bring to life,
The questions you raise that no one else does,
Suggestions you make that some might disagree with.
That’s the stuff that rouses the inner critic:
Standing to his feet, he demands that you present your credentials
And no matter how good your story is that day,
You will always be found wanting.

Press on.


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