We have never known for certain

What a future moment will hold.

Our estimates have been good.

Calculations fairly accurate.

But we have never known for sure.

The unborn child

The business plan

The video before it’s posted

We never know for sure the outcome.

If this year has done anything

It’s made it clear that our predictions have limits

That we are not sovereign.

And it’s scary.

This is, after all, the Information Age.

We are not supposed to be collectively caught off guard,


My father once said,

‘The number of things you do not know

Will always outnumber the things you do’.

It helps to remember that ratio

Of the unknown to the known.

Lest we imagine that we have somehow become

All seeing,

All knowing.

Predict, O man

To your hearts content

But we will never be Omniscient.

It is the LORD who directs your life

For each step you take is ordained by God

To bring you closer to your destiny.

So much of your life, then, remains a mystery!

-Proverbs 20:24 TPT


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