My dear brothers and sisters, what good is it if someone claims to have faith but demonstrates no good works to prove it? How could this kind of faith save anyone? For example, if a brother or sister in the faith is poorly clothed and hungry and you leave them saying, “Good-bye. I hope you stay warm and have plenty to eat,” but you don’t provide them with a coat or even a cup of soup, what good is your faith? So then faith that doesn’t involve action is phony.

James 2:14-17 TPT

This Christian life
Calls for more than words
And symbolic gestures.
Proof is needed.
Proof of payment of a bill that was paid on our behalf.
You see, it is not a call to do good things to prove a point
Or to compensate for our weakness.
But rather, love, especially towards the unlovely, is evidence that work has been done in us;
To not despise the weakness of others but to subsidize it with our own strength
For our own weakness was subsidized.
Hence our acts of love
And leaps of faith are
Receipts of that Great Payment.


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