Visionary blindness

If you can get past the scary bits about a leap of faith,

It can really be exciting.

The anticipation of a potential new experience

The exhilaration of knowing things could really change.

Yet often when we leap, we land in somewhat awkward spaces.

Definitely not where we started but

Not quite where we hoped to be;

Our early celebrations can be tainted by doubts about the future

And questions about the present.

The paradoxical thing of that moment is that while we can still see quite clearly

The goals we hope to achieve, and what we still need to do to get there,

We are simultaneously robbed of the ability to savor smaller victories along the way;

So set on the vision that our joy can only truly emerge under a very specific set of circumstances

A circumspect list of favorable and even fortunate events

That make even great things seem bland;

A strange disease, a visionary blindness

Of over-emphasis on what is to come and under-appreciation of victories won.

This is not to say that we ought not to chase after our daring visions

But that rather we may need trusted witnesses and companions

To highlight the milestones before us

That we might have otherwise overlooked

On our pilgrimage to a better land.

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

Proverbs 27:17


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