Progress >Ideals

Progress is greater than ideals.

Especially if those ideals are utopian and are backed by evidence

That seems to only work well for people in quite favorable circumstances.

The creatures of technology and innovation

Have long out-run the real life experiences of many in this world.

There is more research about the best possible ways to be human

Than there is time to simply be human.

And this can be quite demanding:

Dietary advice that seems to pendulum swing every few seasons,

Medical debates about whether or not to vaccinate or have a Caesarean section,

The shifting sands of popular psychology,

And don’t even get me started about exercise.

While it is noble to reach for the best versions of human life possible,

It may be better to encourage progress (even if it is gradual)

Than pressure one another into ever-changing and often-conflicting ideals.

We live in complicated times, that demand nuance and compromise, strategy and trade-offs

More than it calls for an all or nothing rush for utopian living that we may soon change our minds about anyway.


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